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While no safe is absolutely burglar proof, a manual safe is easier to open than electronic safe opines Gilbert Locksmith. There are more ways of picking the lock of a manual safe than an electronic one says Gilbert Locksmith. According to Gilbert Locksmith some electronic safes also have an added layer of security by way of magnetic card readers, and some electronic safes open on fingerprint analysis.

While these seem to be fool proof methods, losing the magnetic card compromises the security of the safe says Gilbert Locksmith. As electronic safes run on battery, the batteries might lose their charge necessitating the safe to be opened by a key says Gilbert Locksmith. Also, according to Gilbert Locksmith an electronic safe would be more expensive of the two because of its security features.

But if the safe is going to be used to store high value items then it is wise to invest in an electronic safe suggests Gilbert Locksmith. So if you are looking to install a safe, whether electronic or manual, Gilbert Locksmith is right here to help you make the right choice and even install the safe for you.