Keypad Systems


In case you're considering a rather additional advanced security system, you'll need to raise your Baltimore smith relating to electronic lock systems. They need extra security and may typically double as associate degree group action checking system by chase your employees' entrance and exit times.


The standard electronic system is that the keyboard system. As against utilizing a key, workers are attending to be needed to key in a very specific code to open the door. Traditional lock selecting will not work on of these systems. Associate degree electronic lock normally comes with associate degree warning device that activates if somebody tries to hack into the system or destroy the lock.


E-Card Systems


This system is amongst the foremost in-demand Baltimore smith service decisions for safe-guarding buildings and offices. E-card systems are like keyboard systems; solely they do not need users to manually kind in a very code. Electronic locks in associate degree e-card system will solely be unbolted creating use of specific cards. E-card locks need employees to swipe their cards through the actual squeeze the lock, or just faucet it up against the lock. Like keyboard systems, e-card systems have security systems to advise you if someone is trying to enter your workplace.


Biometric Systems


Only a couple of specialized Baltimore locksmiths give this service. Biometric lock systems are the foremost subtle lock technology on the market. Rather than creating use of some sort of key rather like a card, biometric systems trust alone on fingerprints.