Keep the Padlocks Up to Date

We blindly trust the security padlocks provide and hence we keep every valuable item under the possession of padlock. These items are far away from you such as items in the club, boats kept at your marina, things at the house and the list goes on. We always padlock these things as they are of great value and completely priceless to us. We cannot even think of losing them. But are these padlocks really that useful?

Not many people have the idea of the weakness and the strengths of padlocks. People are still under the belief that bigger the lock, higher is the security. However, things are changing now. They do not provide as good security as they used to provide.

With the rise in using internet, the thieves are able to pick up locks easily. Even the toughest lock can be picked within seconds by learning through internet. Hence, there is a constant need to understand from the Gilbert locksmith which lock can prove to be the best security provider.

The padlocks are divided in 3 categories – lever lock, cylinder lock and combination lock. There is one common weakness in all the three categories of lock which is the shackle. Padlocks which are not of good quality can be quickly picked or bypassed. The toughest Gilbert locksmith can open it before you can unlock the door with a key.

When we open the lock, the shackle is released. If the thief understands where exactly the shackle is, he can get in to your house, rob everything and go without making slightest sound. It is ‘u’ in shape and has chains surrounding it. Moreover, the shackle can also be cut without any extra efforts.